The Digital Event Platform



ConferenceCommunicator is a digital event platform for handling any kind of events, e.g. conferences, business events, networking events & exhibitions.

  • Save time on planning & administration
  • Communicate continuously & timely
  • Increase engagement & involvement
  • Facilitate network & business meetings
  • Offer digital branding for sponsors & exhibitors
  • Take GDPR seriously and save data




ConferenceCommunicator is an Event Platform that offers different features such as Event Website, Registration system, Event App, Lead Scanner, MatchMaking, and TaskCommunicator.



Event Website
Name Badge
+ much more…


Event App

Online Questions
Online Polls
In-app chat
Banner Adds
+ much more…


Lead Scanner

Scan of leads
Leads overview
Leads notes
Export of data
User Manual
+ much more…



User Lists
Content upload
+ much more…


Matchmaking for professionals

Facilitate relevant matches between your event attendees. Create meetings that matter with ConferenceCommunicator MatchMaking.

Facilitate relevant meetings
Schedule meetings with time and place
Retrieve statistics on meetings



Automate the process of collecting exhibitor material for your exhibition. Retrieve text and logos through "TaskCommunicator" and make it easier for both you and for your exhibitors.

Automate the process through tasks and deadlines
Keep you and your exhibitors updated on the material
Distribute easily exhibitor text and logos to the event app




ConferenceCommunicator is an event platform that benefits all involved:

Event organisers
Event attendees
Event Speakers

Conferences & networking events

When organising conferences, business events & networking events, you will benefit from:

Saving time on planning & execution
Communicating professionally
Increasing attendee engagement
Facilitating relevant business meetings

+ much more…

Exhibitions & Fairs

When organising exhibitions and fairs, you will benefit from:

Saving time on planning & execution
Nudging attendees around in the exhibition
Generating more leads for the exhibitors
Collecting and gathering of exhibitor material

+ much more…



ConferenceCommunicator is an event platform that covers many needs. While customer needs are different, we offer a variety of solutions. Please contact us for price examples according to your need for a solution at +45 70 230 234 or


ConferenceCommunicator is developed to cover many of your needs as an event organiser. Both when it comes to marketing your event, collecting registrations & material and communicating timely with your attendees and exhibitors. You will benefit from using many of the features in the event platform together. You will experience data flow and having just one administration system. But you can, of course, also choose fewer features. We offer ConferenceCommunicator solution at prices that depend on your choice of features, number of attendees and frequency of events.



We are much more than not just a technical supplier of an event platform. We are also your event consultant and project partner. ConferenceCommunicator is for you who appreciate relevant advice and support whenever you need it. We offer different types of services, from advice on the best use of technology for your purpose, to support in the administration, to delivering the content for your solution. As well as offering onsite support. Our prices differ accordingly to your needs. Some services are of course included in the price of your solution.


About Us

We are the Danish Software Company "SortKaffe Aps". Our name refers to black coffee. We know it is a bit peculiar for a Software Company but we wish to brand us with a name that symbol bringing people together. Nothing like a good cup of coffee brings people together – just like we wish to bring people together with our communication solutions. We develop and maintain the solutions ConferenceCommunicator, StaffCommunicator and Guestbook.

We began the development of ConferenceCommunicator back in 2014 based on customer demand. We develop and maintain ConferenceCommunicator with focus on dialogue and co-creation with our customers. We are much more than a technical supplier. We are your event consultant and project partner. We offer services such as support in the administration system and onsite support if you need it. We take GDPR (personal data) seriously, and in addition to our technical set-up, we offer you a template for your terms of registration and a Data Processing Agreement.

SortKaffe is owned by CTO Mikael Klante and CCO Jeannette Eis. Do you want to know more about ConferenceCommunicator and SortKaffe? Please contact us today. Call or email or fill out the contact form below.....



For inquiries, please contact Sales Manager Jeannette Eis: phone +45 70 230 234 or email: Or please fill out the form and you will be contacted shortly.

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